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The Web Optimization Glossary

by Optimizely

A simple but useful dictionary of the terminology most commonly used by optimisation professionals.

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Become Certified in Digital Marketing

by Google

A collection of free tutorials on digital marketing fundamentals by Google.

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Platform Capitalism

by Nick Srnicek

Learn about the rise of platform-based businesses, the sharing economy and the ongoing transformation of contemporary capitalism.

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The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

by Moz

Moz’s guide is the perfect starting point for anyone trying to grasp what SEO is all about.

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Marketing page inspiration

by Page Flows

Library of curated web and landing pages. The archive is filterable by page type or product and it’s updated regularly.

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How to use UTM parameters

by Neil Patel

Web analytics guru Neil Patel explains the key concepts behind UTM tracking.

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How to create Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

by HubSpot

Use SLAs to align your Sales and Marketing teams based on concrete, numerical goals.

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Become a Tableau Expert

by Tableau

This certification distinguishes you as an expert in the field of solving data challenges through business insights.

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The Old Content Marketing Playbook Doesn’t Work Anymore

by Better Everyday

Why Is Content Marketing So Hard Now?

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Leveraging intent data in B2B

by Spear Marketing

This short interview with Bombora is a great introductory read to the practice and its main use cases.

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What is Marketing Operations?

by Informatica

Learn about the increasing importance of the Marketing Operations role in today’s data-driven organisation.

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The Data-Driven Marketing Glossary

by LiveRamp

A one-stop source for all the terms, acronyms and technologies that you need to remember as a data-driven marketer.

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Become a Salesforce Certified Expert

by Salesforce

Helping marketing and sales professionals choosing the best path into learning the tool’s capabilities at their own pace.

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Conversational Marketing (the book)

By Drift

Learn about this new approach to customer engagement and why it’s been set to be “as big as the internet 20 years ago” by Forbes.

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How to set up a performance framework


Insightful post from the UK Government’s data blog based on the work for the UK Parliament website.

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Become a Techstars Entrepreneur

by Techstars

Online hub to help you learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and accelerate your success.

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How to learn to code (for free)

by Area120

Friendly learn-to-code mobile app for beginners by Google’s internal incubator Area 120.

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How to Build a Career in Tech

by Product Hunt

Advice on how to grow your network, develop skills and find a career you’ll love in tech. 100 pages and 100% free.

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How to create your martech stack for less than $300/month

by Leadfeeder

A great introductory piece on how to set up your own technical framework for a minimum cost.

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

by Blair Enns

No matter what business you are in, if you have to sell your services this book offers the guidance to be disciplined about it.

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Become a Marketo Certified Expert

by Marketo

The Marketo Certified Expert designation is a technical credential that validates your expertise in the broad use of Marketo.

Learn more on their site >

How to do A/B testing the right way

by HubSpot

Step-by-step guide on how to do A/B testing before, during, and after data collection.

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Know your web traffic sources

by SmartBug Media

Referral? Direct? Organic? This short article by SmartBug will help you understand how web traffic is classified.

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How closed-loop reporting works

by Hubspot

Handy article dissecting the 4 stages of closed-loop, multi-channel marketing reporting.

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How to (actually) become GDPR-compliant

by HubSpot

Great practical advice from HubSpot mapping out every single GDPR demand.

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Become a GA Qualified Expert

by Google

Google Analytics main course to certify you’re proficient in intelligent data collection, reporting and analysis.

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Become a Twitter Certified Expert

by Twitter

Series of quick mini-courses to help marketing professionals get the most out of advertising on Twitter.

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How to sanity-check your email program before launching it

by MailSwift

Useful tool to ensure you’ve followed all the right steps before approving your email program.

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2018 Marketing Operations Salary Survey

by MarTech Today

How much do marketing technology and operations professionals make?

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Top 100 email marketing campaigns

by Campaign Monitor

Archive collection of the most inspiring and effective email campaigns sent by Campaign Monitor’s customers.

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Guide: 2019 B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

by Martech Today

Learn about the latest trends and compare 14 top marketing automation platform vendors.

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How to define your company’s lead scoring model

by Marketo

Handy worksheet including dozens of attributes to help you start identifying the right leads for your company.

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The AI Startups Redefining Industries

by CBInsights

The most promising companies providing hardware and data infrastructure for AI applications.

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Become a HubSpot Certified Marketer

by HubSpot

Free educational resources on a wide range of inbound marketing topics, from sales enablement to email marketing.

Learn more on their site >

A visual introduction to machine learning

by R2D3

A hyper-visual master-class introduction to machine learning and it’s application techniques.

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What is first-party data onboarding?

by Clearcode

Everything you need to know about data onboarding, from the main concepts to key platforms and actionable use cases.

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Research: Effective Lead Forms Tactics

by Fieldboom

See how the 100 fastest growing SaaS companies structure their lead forms.

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Confessions of an Advertising Man

by David Ogilvy

The marketing bible of the 60s, written by “the father of advertising” to inspire a timeless philosophy of honesty and hard work in this industry.

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Transactional Email Templates

by Postmark

A collection of open source templates for welcome emails, password resets, invoices, notifications, and more.

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How to do keyword research

by David Hartshorne

Great guide covers every single step needed to define, compare and implement the best target keywords for your business.

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What is look-alike modeling?

by Lotame

Get the lowdown on how look-alike modeling works on this comprehensive article.

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How to choose your target list for Account Based Marketing

by Engagio

Covering the four types of essential data for building your Account Based Marketing foundation.

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How the best B2B marketers use data to grow faster

by Clearbit

A guide covering the most relevant topics in B2B Marketing right now.

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Marketing email copy from 500+ brands

by Shopify

A collection of thousands of marketing emails from popular brands including HTML source files.

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Know your media tactics

by HubSpot

Content syndication? Native advertising? Sponsored content? Understand what is what in the world of media tactics.

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The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM

by Engagio

A 250-page guide for implementing ABM at your Sales & Marketing organisation.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

An enlightening New York Times bestseller outlining the ways we can utilise our thinking capacity to its maximum potential.

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The Marketing Data Lake

by Franz Aman and Anish Jariwala

A “marketing ops bible” for anyone interested in seeing how full marketing and sales alignment actually looks like.

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