5 frequently missed questions in the Marketo certification test

About a month ago I launched a new section on the site dedicated to Marketo Certification Practice Tests.

I love the Marketo platform and I’ve been a user for many years, but unfortunately for marketers trying to get certified in the use of their core product, there’s not much out there in terms of prep materials. So while getting ready for the exam myself, I started putting together a list of around 200 practice questions to get through the final exam. I turned these into online quizzes using Google Forms and just put them out there in the wild to see if someone else might find them useful.

The prep tests are targeted at a very niche audience, but with nearly 900 downloads in just one month I think the response has been pretty awesome (special thanks to everyone who subscribed for updates).

MCE exams performance

One cool thing about running the practice tests on Google Forms is that you can get a good sense of the questions that people fail more often. I thought it would be interesting to go through those and maybe clarify some of the answers.

Here are the top 5 frequently missed questions:

1. A person can become a member of a program by:
A. attending a webinar synced with the program AND  B. Filling out a form that’s contained in the program

Program Fundamentals: Exam 01 / Question 10

MCE exam Q1

Options A and B reference the correct ways in which a lead can become a program member. That is either converting from a form that’s contained in the program or being synced from a webinar 3rd party service (like GoToMeeting or Webex) or API integration with Marketo.

Updating the acquisition program in the lead record is not correct, as such feature doesn’t exist in Marketo (trick question, you see).

2. Which steps should a marketer use to show dynamic content on a page to different audiences?

Targeting and Personalization: Exam 01 / Question 7

23.4% of you responded correctly here. All steps are correct, with the exception of answer A. Activate Dynamic Content from the admin area. Why? Dynamic content doesn’t need to be activated in Marketo! It’s available directly from your email and landing page builder and it doesn’t need to be switched on or off on your account.

3. True or false: The Leads by Revenue Stage report will show where leads are in the revenue model stage, based on their Lead Status value.

Analytics and Reporting: Exam 03 / Question 5

MCE exam Q3

75.5% of you got this one wrong! The reason is that the revenue stage of a lead and their lead status are different things.

Revenue stage is defined based on your company’s lifecycle model. You would define and customise your funnel, then define rules on how you want people to move from stage to stage: when their lead status changes, when they go over a certain scoring threshold, etc.

Separately, Lead Status is a field within your lead’s record and, while it can be used to define the transitions and stage of your revenue model, is just a different property.

4. The Marketo database supports file imports from CSV, TXT and Tab files.

Lead Management: Exam 01 / Question 6

MCE exam Q4

That’s right. All of those formats are permitted when you’re bringing in new records into your Marketo instance, even if 90% of the time you’ll probably work with CSV files.

5. The link URL option for an image can be accessed in the WYZIWYG editor

Implementation and Operations: Exam 01 / Question 6

The right place to edit the URL associated with an image is the editor on your editable email or landing page block. One of the most selected answers was the Gear icon next to the image. This will take you to some other options, like for instance making your email dynamic, but not to the URL.

I hope that was useful. Is there any other question that’s giving you trouble? What has been your experience using the exams and getting ready for your Marketo Certified Expert exam? Let me know in the comments!

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