Cutting-edge digital marketing trends

There’s a whole new digital marketing world out there beyond email. Seriously. Explore the following techniques for some inspiration on what the most advanced data marketers are up to at the moment.

The Marketing Data Lake

by Franz Aman and Anish Jariwala

The concept of data lakes (or the use of well-structured databases for agile analytics) is relatively new for marketing departments. Still, it’s getting more and more traction as the blended role of the marketing operations professional becomes indispensable for organisations.

The Marketing Data Lake book takes us behind the scenes of how Informatica’s marketing ops team went through an epic 60-day sprint to implement their own big data marketing project by connecting their diverse sources of data (Google Analytics, Marketo and Salesforce) with additional visualisation, analytics and predictive scoring systems.

A “marketing ops bible” for anyone interested in seeing how full marketing and sales alignment actually looks like.

How closed-loop marketing reporting works

by Hubspot

“Closed-loop marketing is marketing that relies on data and insights from closed-loop reporting. “Closing the loop” just means that sales teams report to Marketing about what happened to the leads that they received, which helps Marketing understand their best and worst lead sources”.

Makes sense? Well, easier said than done. This handy Hubspot article dissects the 4 stages of closed-loop marketing with practical examples of how to track the key milestones in multi-channel lead journeys for full attribution.

A visual introduction to machine learning

by R2D3

If you haven’t come across this interactive scroll page by R2D3 already, please return your seat back to its full upright and locked position and fasten your seat belt. In a mere 3 minutes scroll, this page (translated to 13 different languages btw) gives us a hyper-visual master-class introduction to machine learning and it’s application techniques. Just see for your self (then come back here and thank us).

Leveraging intent data in B2B

by Spear Marketing

You’ve probably heard this before: “70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales”. Buying cycles are more complex than ever due to the amount of information that’s freely available online. Intent data can help closing the gap by providing marketers with intent signals from companies in “research mode” right now, way before they identify themselves as a lead on their website.

This short interview with Bombora (one of the main providers of intent data) is a great introductory read to the practice and its main use cases.

What is look-alike modeling and how does it work?

by Lotame

Look-alike modeling is a marketing technique that aims to find groups of prospects that show the same demographics and behaviours as your best customers. This way, you can target the people you know are more likely to convert. Get the lowdown on how look-alike modeling works on this comprehensive article by Lotame.

What is first-party data onboarding and how does it work?

by Clearcode

Utilising offline data for online marketing campaigns to maximise ROI sounds definitely appealing, but how do you exactly onboard your data into an online space and what are the possibilities? This short and straightforward article from ClearCode covers everything you need to know to wrap your head around data onboarding, from the main concepts to key platforms and actionable use cases.

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