Digital marketing how-to guides

There are some things you can only learn through doing, experimenting and getting your hands dirty. These comprehensive step-by-step guides will help you master specific digital marketing techniques.

How to use UTM parameters to measure campaign effectiveness

by Neil Patel

Using UTM parameters allows you to track all your online marketing efforts and attribute success to your different campaigns and channels. In this blog post, web analytics guru Neil Patel explains the key concepts behind UTM tracking.

How to sanity-check your email program before it goes out

by MailSwift

If there’s one thing every email marketer does before hitting the send button is… that’s right – cancelling and reviewing the whole thing again.
I first discovered this Checklist by MailSwift on ProductHunt and have been using it a lot since then. I love the simplicity of the tool and how easy they make it to sanity-check you’ve followed all the right steps before approving your email program.

How to do A/B testing: A checklist you’ll want to bookmark

by HubSpot

Well-planned A/B testing is a powerful tactic to understand how your audience is engaging with your campaigns. Still, there are many misconceptions on how to set things up, what to test and how to interpret results. This post from Hubspot is a step-by-step guide on how to do A/B testing before, during, and after data collection so you can make the best decisions from your results.

How to do keyword research: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

by David Hartshorne

If you’re familiar with SEO, you know it all starts with choosing the right keywords you want your site to rank for. Only after that, you can optimise your content for those keywords so your site appears in the right search results.

This great guide covers every single step (and I mean every single one) needed to define, compare and implement the best target keywords for your business. As a plus, it also covers some of the most important concepts in SEO; such as ‘short tail vs. long tail keywords’ or the ‘search demand curve’.

How to define your company’s lead scoring model

by Marketo

You’ve heard the old story before. You need total sales and marketing alignment to come up with your definition of the perfect lead. But how do you actually get sign off and commitment from both sides? This handy worksheet from Marketo includes dozens of attributes to help you define the ideal demographic and behavioural scoring rules for your company, so you can start identifying the right leads.

How to choose your target list for Account Based Marketing, the right way

by Engagio

One of the very first steps of any ABM program, and arguably the most important, is coming up with your targeting criteria. In this short-n-sweet blog post, Engagio’s founder Jon Miller covers the four types of data that are essential for building your Account Based Marketing foundation: firmographic, technographic, intent and engagement.

How to create your own marketing automation stack for less than $300/month

by Leadfeeder

There are thousands of marketing apps out there, so you might or might not use the tools referenced here. But this short read by Leadfeeder covers the basics of any modern martech stack; from automation to email marketing and Sales CRM. A great introductory piece on how to set up your own technical framework (for a minimum cost!).

How to (actually) become GDPR-compliant

by HubSpot

Sorry to break it to you like this, but if you’re still working towards making your service compliant with the GDPR (Europe’s swanky new regulation on data privacy) let’s be honest you’re running quite late to the party.

This piece is a bit of a long read, but we guarantee you it’s totally worth it. The team at Hubspot maps out every single GDPR demand with how their platform addresses the requirement. You might not be a Hubspot customer (maybe you should?) but the advice contained in here can be applied to pretty much any modern automation tool.

How to learn to code (for free)

by Area120

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by taking the first step into coding, this app is for you. Grasshopper is a friendly learn-to-code mobile app for beginners by Google’s internal incubator Area 120. The app teaches how to write JavaScript via short lessons on your iPhone or Android device to get you proficient on the basics and core concepts.

How to set up a performance framework


A really insightful post from the UK Government’s data blog on how to set up a performance framework based on their work for the UK Parliament website.

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