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Exceptional digital marketing content is hard to find. Here are some of our all-time favourite pieces to get you inspired.

How to Build a Career in Tech

by Product Hunt

Over the past two years, Product Hunt has hosted over 550 community Live Chats with remarkable founders, investors, and best-selling authors like Tim Ferriss, Ben Horowitz, Jessica Livingston and Jack Dorsey.

In this book they bring the best advice on how to grow your network, develop skills and find a career you’ll love in tech. It’s over 100 pages and 100% free.

Platform Capitalism

by Nick Srnicek

What unites Google and Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, Uber and Airbnb? Across a wide range of sectors, these firms are transforming themselves into platforms: businesses that provide the hardware and software foundation for others to operate on.

In Platform Capitalism, Nick Srnicek examines the rise of platform-based businesses from the 1970s while covering the fundamentals of modern automation, the sharing economy and the ongoing transformation of contemporary capitalism.

The book can be found on Amazon or you can read this short essay by the author here.

Data-Driven Marketing: How the best B2B marketers use data to grow faster

by Clearbit

‘Data-Driven Marketing’ by Clearbit, is a 10-chapter guide covering the most relevant topics in B2B Marketing right now. In collaboration with key experts in B2B SaaS Marketing, each chapter of the eBook provides a clear framework for mastering the use of data tactics in your marketing campaigns, from website personalization, to SEO, ABM and analytics.

MAKE: Bootstrapper’s Handbook

by Pieter Levels

I’ve been following the adventures of Pieter for years now, since he embarked the humongous task of building 12 startups in 12 months while travelling the world.

MAKE is Pieter’s “brain dump” (his words). A knowledge transfer summarising his learnings, successes and failures, from taking various scrappy side projects to profitable companies who are inspiring others (myself included) to create products that might make our life just a bit easier and way more fun.

Intercom on Customer Engagement

by Intercom

So here’s the thing. It’s not only that we’re in love with Intercom’s product, website and branding, they also publish some terrific content. In this eBook on customer engagement, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of customer communications and how to create actionable messaging strategies to help you grow your business.

Insane Honesty in Content Marketing

by Velocity Partners

“Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.” For a long time, Marketers have been teached to only talk about their product’s best attributes. Honest marketing (as in volunteering your brand’s weaknesses) is rare today, but “insanely honest marketing” is definitely not very common.

Read Insane Honesty to learn why sharing weaknesses and minus points makes the rest of the marketing much more believable.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

by Blair Enns

No matter what business you are in, if you have to sell or present your services this book offers the guidance to be disciplined about the process.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto lays out twelve steps that business owners can take to distance themselves from their competition, regain the high ground in their client relationships and learn to win business without first parting with their thinking.

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