Digital marketing must-reads

Whether you’re new to digital and tech marketing or already leading multi-channel campaigns, you need to tell your CRM from your CRO. Here are some of our favourite introductory reads to the tactics every data-driven marketer needs to master.

What is Marketing Operations?

by Informatica

This fantastic long page by Informatica goes in depth to explain the increasing importance and challenges of the Marketing Operations role in today’s data-driven organisation.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

by Moz

The folks at Moz have been leading the way as one of the top players in SEO since 2004. Their beginner’s guide has been read over 3 million times and it’s the perfect starting point for anyone trying to grasp what SEO is all about.

How to use paid, earned and owned media tactics to promote content

by HubSpot

Content syndication? Native advertising? Spondored content? This handy article by Hubspot will help you understand what is what in the ever-growing landscape of marketing media tactics.

The Data-Driven Marketing Glossary

by LiveRamp

This handy glossary by omni-channel data chiefs LiveRamp is one of those assets you’ll want to keep in your back pocket. Updated regularly, it’s a one-stop source for all the terms, acronyms and technologies that you need to remember as a data-driven marketer.

What’s the difference between direct and organic search traffic sources?

by SmartBug Media

We all could do with a bit more traffic to our website. But your strategy for growing your web audience needs to be different based on the multiple channels used by your prospects to find you online. Referral? Direct? Organic? This short article by SmartBug will help you understand how web traffic is classified.

I particularly enjoyed this read because it’s clearly written from experience, and not particularly techy or focused on one analytics tool or another. Just useful and on point.

The Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing

by Engagio

Today, over 90% of B2B organisations believe Account Based Marketing is a “must-have” tactic, according to SiriusDecisions. This beast of a guide (250+ pages) takes us step by step through the practical process for implementing ABM at your Sales & Marketing organisation.

The Web Optimization Glossary

by Optimizely

A simple and hyper-useful dictionary of the terminology most commonly used by optimisation professionals by the nice people at Optimizely.

Respect the inbox: How to better your customer communications

by Intercom

Marketing success expectations are too often correlated to quantity; the more emails we send and the more people we blast, the better. This great article by Intercom shows why effective customer communications are (way) more than the number of messages you send.

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