Digital marketing templates

Are you stuck writing that email copy? Looking for some best practices on how to optimise your landing pages or lead-gen forms? Dive into the following archives for some inspiration on how other companies are running their own marketing campaigns.

Top 100 email marketing campaigns

by Campaign Monitor

The team at Campaign Monitor has been helping thousands of organisations through the power of email marketing since 2004. Nicely organised by email type (announcements, newsletters, events), this archive is a collection of the most inspiring and effective email campaigns sent by 100 of their customers.

Marketing Pages

by Page Flows

Marketing Pages is a growing library of curated web and landing pages from PageFlows. The archive is filterable by page type or product and it’s updated every week.

Marketing Email Copy

by Shopify

Marketing Email Copy collects thousands of marketing emails from popular brands and shows them at one place.
The archive is filterable by different categories and searchable. As an additional benefit, you can get the source HTML from every email directly from the app.

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